At Christ Church we believe that worship is central to all of life.  We long to reform our worship and recapture a biblical vision for gathering in the presence of God on the Lord’s Day.  We believe that it is essential that we confess our sins as we approach the throne of Christ in Worship. Below is the text of our corporate confession.

Lord, you have given us your Spirit.  From the throne room of heaven you have poured out the Spirit upon us, baptizing us in your presence, filling us by your power. You have not given us a Spirit of fear but we are afraid. We are afraid to witness boldly for your name. We are timid to speak up for the Truth. We are afraid of what full association with you might cost us. We are afraid that our worldly goods might be threatened or our worldly friends might betray us. Father, forgive us for this lack of faith. Help us to trust in your power, to stand up for your truth and to seek first your kingdom. We ask this in the name of our ascended Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen


More confessions can be found here at our resource page. 

Why should we confess in our worship services?