Community Groups

God created us for community.

Community is one of the means of grace that God uses to mold us into the likenessĀ of Jesus.

Community groups are utilized so that our members may:
Stay connected.

A lot happens between Sunday services and community groups are there to fill the spaces in between so that we may grow together as Christians.

Meet needs.

Being connected in a community group allows our pastors and fellow church members to be more attentive to our members' spiritual, emotional, physical, and monetary needs.

Apply the Word.

Community groups are scheduled throughout the week so that we may be reminded of the Word preached on Sundays and work to apply it to our lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do community groups meet?

Our community groups meet almost every evening of the week.

Do community groups last all year?

Our community groups take natural breaks for the Christmas holidays and summer break.

What happens at community groups?

Community groups are located right in our members' homes. Community groups normally share a meal together, fellowship, check in and pray for one another and discuss the previous Sunday's sermon.

Can I bring my children?

Each group is structured differently and many of our groups welcome children! Contact the leader of the community group that you're interested in for more details!