Below is the text of Christ Church’s corporate confession of sin.

“Lord, you have given us your Spirit. From the throne room of heaven you have poured out the Spirit upon us, baptizing us in your presence, filling us by your power.
Your Spirit is our only true source of power and life and hope. Yet, in self reliance we have turned to alternate sources of strength– to the promises of this world, to the hopes of man.
We have trusted in political power to turn the world upside down. Our confidence is in marketing savvy to make your name great. We have believed in our maneuvering and manipulation. We have elevated the creation far above its Creator- turned gifts into saviors- and in so doing slighted You and your great Name.
Would you forgive us for our pride and wash us of our lack of faith? Would you stir in our hearts again a thirst for your Spirit, your Power, and your Life. And would you empower us by your Spirit to be faithful witnesses for you here in Acadiana.”

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