How do we instill a christian worldview in our children? Does it depend on the amount of biblical knowledge they have? As parents, does it depend on our personal knowledge of the Scriptures? While those things are important, I think it is more dependent on us having consistently lived an integrated, Christ-Centered life before our children. Much more is caught than taught. The way to instill the christian worldview is by enculturation more than by formal education.

Enculturation includes influences in the child’s life like parents, teachers, pastors, TV, music, and even video games and social media. Enculturation is very low-key, always happening in the background, barely noticeable. Enculturation is just there. Christian enculturation involves not compartmentalizing Christ into one part of your life and embracing a secular worldview in all the others. It involves total integration of Christ into everything. Jesus is Lord everywhere, all the time.

So, so how well are you immersing your children in christian culture? How are you displaying the worldview of following all of Christ in all of life? Examine yourselves. If you haven’t faired so well, there’s hope. Confess and repent of your sin of abdication of parental duties and begin to seek the Scriptures and your pastor on ways to show your child how to follow all of Christ in all of life.

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